The Location

Situated on a major highway and occupying an entire street,

the car park at 1 Manning Street has historically been an environment of vagrancy, crime and anti-social behavior due to its derelict and run down nature which has been a blight on the local landscape.

Our activation project will transform this derelict and run down location into a lifestyle and entertainment hub that will strongly benefit the local population and visitors alike by transforming a negative setting into a positive one that is a source of pride for the Scarborough community and West Australian population.

    Our beachfront area in Scarborough deserves to be revitalized to a world-class standard with our own Western Australian style. It is my belief, and the belief of many others in my community, that when our rundown and derelict buildings are replaced, we believe that much of the antisocial activity that has plagued us in the past will become but a distant memory - MLA Scarborough and Police Minister Liza Harvey (2008)

    Scarborough is a favourite tourist destination, but the area has recently suffered from a lack of new investment and a poor reputation - WA Premier Colin Barnett (2012/13)

    Scarborough should be the State's best beach environment, but it is full of car parks - WA Premier Colin Barnett (2013)

    Large public car parks pose threats: poor lighting and lack of surveillance can turn them into hangouts for vandals, robbers and rapists - Australian Institute of Criminology (2013)

    Empty car parks can be the source of many problems - not only car theft and theft from cars, but also vandalism and danger to residents from intruders, especially at night - Australian Institute of Criminology (2013)