What is
Sunset Boulevard?

Locals know there is nothing quite like a summer in Western Australia.

The beach lifestyle is the crown jewel in West Australian culture with Scarborough Beach one of its greatest settings. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, the Scarborough Beachfront has been underutilized in recent years with world class sunsets overshadowed by derelict buildings and a global tourism hub darkened by anti-social behavior.

Despite a strong call of support from the community and leaders in government for change, the results have not come quickly enough to ensure that the unique setting of Scarborough Beach is given the respect it is due. In answer to this call, the team at ISpy Perth aims to transform the top floor of the derelict and run down Wilson car park, situated at 1 Manning St, Scarborough, into a world class lifestyle destination that is the pride of the Scarborough Beach community.

Inspired by outdoor cinemas in Broome and Bondi and combined with world class beach venues throughout Europe and the Mediterranean; Sunset Boulevard is a rooftop entertainment and lifestyle venue that provides an incomparable experience which we hope will leave lasting memories.

How do we do this? By utilizing the Indian Ocean facing rooftop and making it accessible for locals and tourist alike; we can change the culture of the building from one that is the place of anti-social behavior, into a lifestyle and tourism destination respected both at home and abroad.


With this unique activation concept our aim at ISpy Perth is to:

  • Encourage Tourism and local visitation within Scarborough Beach as an entertainment and leisure precinct which is family friendly.
  • Stop the vagrancy related crime and damage within the area by activating the top and subsequent floors of the Wilson car park situated at 1 Manning St.
  • Fulfil the aims addressed in the City of Stirling’s Scarborough Environs Area Strategy (“SEAS”) and the Scarborough Beach Urban Design Master Plan (including Planning amendments 457 and 458).
  • Engage the local community and promote Western Australia’s rich and dynamic coastal lifestyle.
  • Provide every local and visitor access to Scarborough’s million dollar views and the ability to relax and socialize in a safe and quality environment.
  • Provide the ability for various social, lifestyle, hospitality, sporting and tourism activities in Scarborough.
  • Provides a service which is desired by the local community.
  • Revitalize the Scarborough area to the benefit of the local community.